Jeffrey Charron has been a Human Excellence Trainer and a Personal Mastery Coach for over twenty five years. He was awarded his Neuro-linguistic programming Master Trainer, Global Trainer and Consultant, Facilitator and Transformational Entrepreneur certifications from one of the worlds most respected and orginal Global NLP training organizations, NLPU.
NLPU is facilitated out of the University of California at Santa Cruz. It is directed by and trained by two world renowned orginators of Nlp, Robert Dilts and Judith Deloizer. Jeffrey received both his International Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications for classic and new code Nlp from world reowned researcher and developer Steve Andreas and his elite Nlp Comprensive training team.
He also  recently was awarded a certification as an NLP Health Practitioner, which is an highly advanced form of NlP directly focusing on generative health and overall well being under the direction and training of Robert Dilts.
  Jeffrey's dynamic and state of the art leading edge training provides a unique synthesis that aligns one's beliefs, values and identity, thus resulting in a higher performance and more proactive lifestyle.
  His strong background in training encompasses years of personal research and extensive experience in effective communication and behavioral change.
  His specialty is assisting individuals in identifying and changing their limiting beliefs and behaviors so they may achieve higher levels of creativity and excellence.
  He offers public and corporate interactive training, seminars and continuing education classes at the college level in self-mastery. He also offers complimentary private and group personal enhancement training for nonprofit youth and adult rescue agencies.
   His past set of clientele includes FBI agents, real estate brokers, Fortune 500 executives, government officials, stage performers, professional major league team members and world class athletes.
    Jeffrey has been assisting individuals since his teen years having performed years of outreach assistance for at-risk and runaway youth in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and San Francisco.
NLP Master Trainer and Peak Performance Strategist

   Jeffrey Charron
Human Excellence Trainer and Personal Mastery Coach