" The techniques were very effective and the information was excellent...This seminar exceeded my wildest dreams " :  Kathy C. college student

"Jeffrey taught me techniques which rid me of my depression, and gave me new self confidence and a new outlook on life.Gone are my limiting beliefs: " Ken B. client

"I cannot thank Jeffrey enough for  his skill and unfailing enthusiasm, excellent training. I enjoyed this a lot " : Lisa  T., client

" I have quit smoking, lost the weight, and never have been happier in my life. I have more self confidence and lost my fear of speaking in front of an audience.Thank you Jeffrey for your brilliance and passion." 
William , attorney

"Jeffrey is spectacular. His enthusiasm is infectious, fabulous and masterful."  :  John C. computer software

" The instructor was great. I have learned so much in just three sessions. Jeffrey is wonderful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and brilliant "
Samantha K. college student.

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