Specialized Training

Communication excellence

* In this two hour training, you will learn the magic and power of verbal and nonverbal communication.
You will learn how we communicate both internally and externally how to use persuasion and negotiation skills, and how to use words and metaphors to enhance your life.You will learn the different representational systems and how they control your communication and behavior. Learn how to use your body to create peak performance and how to tell what others are really thinking and feeling.
       -  great training for salespersons, managers, couples and anyone desiring to                       enhance their communication in personal and professional relationships -

Stress management

  *This two hour training is a must in today's challenging world. Stress, known as the silent killer,  is responsible for many major health concerns. Stress has become one of the leading ailments in the last decade. The constant pressure in living this unpredictable world creates an environment where most people suffer from the effects of this epidemic. As stress is caused by your representations of events, you will learn powerful ways on how to control and direct your internalization of situations, thus providing you with healthier and more resourceful responses.

    - this training is for anyone wanting to learn to become healthier
      and happier -    

Life mastery

  * This three hour high energy nteractive training is life changing. It focuses on elevating you and your team to the next level of excellence.You will learn how to breakthrough limiting beliefs/ behaviors and replace them with empowering ones so you can move forward easily and congruently. You will learn the presuppositions of Neuro-linguistic programming which focuses on understanding your brain and how it works so you can direct your responses as opposed to being on automatic pilot. This training is about designing you in your life and closing the gap from where you are now and where you want to be.

           - a high level training with the latest human excellence modalities used, a                             must for anyone wanting much more out of life -